ZL20 Ultra low ultra narrow loader

  • Brand name: T-king
  • Payment: By T/T, L/C, or other payment
  • Supply ability: 100set per month
  • Delivery time: 30 days after payment
  • Packaging details: nude packing
  • Port: qingdao port, shandong
  • Product Detail

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    Item Parameter
    Name Tyre explosion-proof loader
    Mode ZL18EFB(A)
    Engine LW4108DFB
    Power 47KW
    Overall size(Length*width*height)(㎜) 5200*1600*1900
    Wheel base(mm) 2450
    Tyre 9.75-18
    Tread(mm) 1420
    Maximum dump clearance (㎜) 2700
    Unloading distance(㎜) 945
    Lateral radius of passing capacity(㎜) 5400
    Transit medial radius(㎜) 3050
    Machine operation quality(㎏) 6000
    Rising power (turnaround)(KN) 45
    Digging depth(㎜) 30
    Rated bucket capacity(M3  0.8
    Minimum ground gap(㎜) 300
    Traction (full load)(KN) 38
    steering locking angle (°) 40
    Rated loading capacity (㎏) 1800
    Rear axle swing angle(°) ±11
    Maximum climbing angle(°) 30
    Three and(s) ≤10
    Forward 1 file (km/h) 10
    Forward 2 file(km/h) 24
    Back 1 file(km/h) 5
    Back 2 file(km/h) 10
    Driving mode Four wheel drive
    Braking mode Wet brake
    Front axle Fixed connection to front frame
    Rear axle Swing connection by swing frame and rear frame

    Explosion-proof configuration

    Power box

    Pure explosion-proof power box

    Water treatment

    Double layer water circulation of exhaust branch pipeExhaust bends, bellows (water circulation, outlet discharge);

    Waste gas tank for water treatment

    Blast proof entry (including intake fence seat, exhaust fence)

    With manual control faucet

    Filling tank have four inlet and outlet

    Three water bellows




    Two LED combination Lamp (including turn Light, Lighting Light, signal Lamp, double Flashlight) before explosion ProtectionTwo Rear LED combination lamp (turn light, reversing light, rear tail light, double flash light)

    One Car lamp, one supporting explosion proof control button


    Explosion-proof generator


    Explosion proof starter


    Explosion-proof reversing voice horn

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