ZL18 ultra low explosion proof loader

  • Brand name: T-king
  • Payment: By T/T, L/C, or other payment
  • Supply ability: 100set per month
  • Delivery time: 30 days after payment
  • Packaging details: nude packing
  • Port: qingdao port, shandong
  • Product Detail

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    Item Parameter
    Name Tyre explosion-proof loader
    Mode ZL18EFB(A)
    Engine LW4108DFB
    Power 47KW
    Overall size(Length*width*height)(㎜) 5200×1800×1900
    Wheel base(mm) 2450
    Maximum dump clearance (㎜) 1740
    Tyre 15.70-18
    Tread(mm) 1420
    Unloading distance(㎜) 945
    Lateral radius of passing capacity(㎜) 5400
    Transit medial radius(㎜) 3050
    Machine operation quality(㎏) 5200
    Rising power (turnaround)(KN) 45
    Digging depth(㎜) 30
    Rated bucket capacity(M3  0.8
    Minimum ground gap(㎜) 300
    Traction (full load)(KN) 38
    steering locking angle (°) 40
    Rated loading capacity (㎏) 2000
    Rear axle swing angle(°) ±11
    Maximum climbing angle(°) 30
    Three and(s) ≤10
    Forward 1 file (km/h) 10
    Forward 2 file(km/h) 24
    Back 1 file(km/h) 5
    Back 2 file(km/h) 10
    Driving mode Four wheel drive
    Braking mode Wet brake
    Front axle Fixed connection to front frame
    Rear axle Swing connection by swing frame and rear frame

    Explosion-proof configuration

    Power box

    Pure explosion-proof power box


    Water treatment

    Double layer water circulation of exhaust branch pipeExhaust bends, bellows (water circulation, outlet discharge);

    Waste gas tank for water treatment

    Blast proof entry (including intake fence seat, exhaust fence)

    With manual control faucet

    Filling tank have four inlet and outlet

    Three water bellows


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