Warm congratulations to Shandong Honglu heavy industry Ningxia dealer “Ningxia Hao Yun motor” opened for business.

The opening ceremony

On November 13, 2018, the opening ceremony of Ningxia Haoyun Automobile Service Co., Ltd., a distributor of Shandong Honglu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Ningdong, Yinchuan, Ningxia. Nearly 100 invited guests and customers jointly attended the grand opening ceremony. High-end atmospheric site layout, neat transport equipment display, not only attracted a lot of attention from customers in Ningxia, but also the company’s explosion-proof transport equipment products have been unanimously praised.现场

The ceremony process mainly includes on-site product display, leadership speech, ribbon cutting ceremony, authorization signing ceremony, literary and artistic performances and on-site lottery draw.

Product display:

On-site display of explosion-proof pulling cars, explosion-proof transport vehicles and explosion-proof loaders has attracted a large number of customers’attention, have stopped to inquire about parameters and prices, on-site sales managers have also carried out detailed product introduction and on-site answer questions, the scene is very warm.

Speech by leaders:

At the celebration, General Haoyunyu of Ningxia and General Liu of Honglu of Shandong gave speeches and received warm applause from the audience.

Yu Haichao, general manager of Ningxia Haoyun Automobile Service Co., Ltd., said that as the first large-scale company in Ningxia to distribute explosion-proof transportation equipment for underground mining, Ningxia Haoyun Automobile will adhere to the high-quality market strategy of Honglu, Shandong Province, pay attention to late maintenance and service, base itself on a new starting point, increase market development, and promote Ningxia region. For better quality products and services.

Address by general manager Yu Haichao of Ningxia Hao Yun Motor Co., Ltd.


Manager Liu Rui of Shandong Honglu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd congratulates Ningxia Haoyun Automobile on its opening, and points out that the opening of dealer Ningxia Haoyun Automobile has also played an important role in the layout and development of Honglu brand in the national market. Honglu will continue to adhere to the concept of “making better cars for more people” and help Haoyun. Open up the Ningxia market and provide good service support.

Address by Liu Rui, manager of Honglu, Shandong


Ribbon cutting ceremony

Authorized signing ceremony

Wonderful art shows

The exciting draw award link

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Post time: Nov-16-2018

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