Mining machinery implements the principle of “safety” in product design

The safety of mine machinery is the guarantee of mine safety production and the safety of workers.
The safety characteristics of mining machinery should be described from two aspects, one is the safety function of mining machinery, the other is the reliability of the corresponding safety function.
No matter in coal mine or wellhead with coal dust, flammable and explosive gas, or in various metal and non-metal mines, only mine machinery has complete safety function and high safety reliability, can mine production be guaranteed to proceed normally and safety accidents be avoided.
The safety functions of all kinds of mine machinery are different because of different working environment. As far as the hoist used in coal mine is concerned, its safety functions mainly include explosion-proof, overspeed and over-winding protection, overload and over-voltage protection, anti-falling protection and so on. Mining vehicles are equipped with anti-tipping and anti-falling object retaining structure, and have the safety function of working state monitoring and computer control to avoid misoperation.

Post time: Oct-26-2018

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