How to solve battery charging for Underground Explosion-proof transport vehicle

We all know that the battery in the Underground Explosion-proof transport vehicle is the most important, but sometimes there will be a phenomenon that the battery is not charged during our use. How can we solve this phenomenon? Our company’s staff have been engaged in this industry for many years to help us solve this problem.
The reason why the battery can not be charged and the solution are:
Reason 1: the charger is damaged or does not match the battery pack.
Solution: replace charger.
Reason 2: bad charging socket or conductor angle.
Solution: repair or replace.
Reason 3: charging input voltage is too high or too low.
Solution: suspend charging or add AC voltage stabilizing system.
Reason 4: battery damage;
Solution: replace batteries.
Above the Underground Explosion-proof transport vehicle battery does not charge the phenomenon is analyzed, and for different situations give a solution, if it can not be solved, you can ask our company.

Post time: Oct-25-2018

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