Eleven points for attention when transporting explosives transporter

Explosion-proof truck transport vehicle in the transport process than the general purpose vehicle more important security issues, the following section tells you about dangerous goods transport vehicle in transport should pay attention to 11 matters, hoping to help you travel safely.


1. Detonator and explosive transporter should not exceed the speed limit in the course of driving, so as to avoid emergency braking, the distance between vehicles should be maintained.

Two, the wireless communication equipment can not be used on the vehicle.

3. Choosing good driving routes before transportation should be as far away from busy market places as possible, not in densely populated, scenic spots, scenic spots and other routes, narrow roads and other accident-prone areas.

Four, those who escort detonators should be seated.

Five, during the escorting process, fifty kilometers per car should be stopped for inspection.

Six, before shipment, we should know the local weather conditions ahead of time, and we should take measures to deal with bad weather.

7. According to the loading situation of vehicles, during the journey, parking should be checked regularly, and measures should be taken in time to find problems. Parking places should keep a certain distance from other vehicles, high-voltage wires, busy markets and other places which are conducive to safety protection.

8. Drivers escorting detonator explosives must be healthy and energetic. If they are not in good health or feel tired, they should choose a safe place to rest in time, and special personnel are responsible for caring for the goods.

9. When a vehicle breaks down halfway, it should be repaired at a safe place. When it needs to enter a repair shop, it is not allowed to carry explosive materials into the yard.

10. When thunderstorms occur on the way, you can’t park at places where poles, trees, high-voltage lines and iron towers are prone to lightning strikes and sparks.

11. If an accident happens to a transport vehicle, it shall immediately organize rescue and report it to the relevant departments, and it shall not be concealed. And responsible for maintaining the scene, truthful reporting of the accident.

Post time: Nov-10-2018

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