Tang Jun Automobile Seven Two Workers Congress Held Successfully

In January 3rd, the sun was bright and warm as spring. The seven session of the second staff congress of the company was held in the conference room of the seven building, the chairman Xue Xingzhen, general manager Zhang Yanhong, deputy general manager Wu Dengxi, Si Tao, Gao Yongguang, the chairman of the company’s trade Union and the assistant general manager Zhang Jialin. Zhang Jialin, assistant president and general manager of the company, chaired the meeting. 63 staff representatives and 42 attendee representatives attended the meeting. The delegates gathered together to discuss the important events, depicting the grand blueprint for Tang Jun’s pioneering and enterprising spirit.

At 8:00 in the morning, the conference began solemnly in the magnificent song of Tang Jun. The attendees listened to and considered the “statement on the preparation of the company’s comprehensive plan in 2018″ by vice general manager of the company, Wu Jianke, Minister of human resources management, “on the revision of the performance assessment method in 2018″ and the “statement on the financial plan of the company in 2018″ by Li Xianguo, the Minister of finance. Work report.

At the meeting, the chairman of the company, Xue Xingzhen, proposed the company policy of 2018, “self inspection and mutual inspection and implementation, all the members grasp the lean, reduce consumption and catch the quota, push the new net to grab the market”, and elaborate the company’s policy goals in detail. In 2018, he pointed out that the goal of the company’s policy in 2018 was to improve the quality of products as the main line, to carry out the mutual inspection system of self inspection, to hold the lean production, to carry out the efficiency of consumption reduction, to continuously introduce new products to the market, to take the lead in the half step and seize the market.

 In 2018, the pressure of the market economy is still huge and the market competition is more intense. Xue always calls on all the representatives to actively launch and lead the staff to be more comprehensive, to carry out the company policy better, to work hard and creatively to give full play to the talents and talents of all the staff and workers, to fully realize the policy of the 2018 company. Mark.

Post time: Apr-21-2018

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