Inspection of mine safety trackless rubber wheel truck:

1、Appearance check, check casing, tires and so on for any damage.

2、Flame arrester cleaning inspection, cleaning of existing flame arresters or flame-changers. 

3、Engine oil level check, oil level check, such as oil level bottom, can be filled with qualified oil to oil ruler mark.

4、Check hydraulic oil level through high and low windows.

5、Check the oil level of the transmission gear box with oil ruler.

6、Use the oil meter to check the oil level of the tank.

7、Check the machine cooling water level with high and low windows and add clean water to the middle of high window if necessary.

8、Clean up the dust accumulated in the air filter and replace it if necessary.

9、Check that the gas alarm and fire fighting equipment are in good condition.

10、Check tire and hub bolt forbidding condition.

Check that the reading of the starting barometer should be shown as a specified value.


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