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 Shandong honglu heavy industry co., LTD., affiliated to shandong tang group, group co., LTD., founded in 1956, the company employees three thousand people, technical research and development team of more than three hundred people, has advanced production lines, coating workshop, welding workshop, stamping workshop, has rich experience in production, research and development.

our company research and development of heavy industry is the earliest domestic manufacturing of mining explosion-proof engineering machinery company, all of the company and its technology independent research and development, with independent intellectual property rights, is the main mining rubber_tyred transport association member, is approved by the association of industry benchmarking enterprises.

Founded at the beginning of the AnBiao engaged in product certification, qualification certification, all products have been national security center complex technical audit, is the earliest domestic enterprises get mine explosion-proof certification. Through the national security inspection center and the safety supervision bureau joint site review, through the company complete set of technical data, various equipment, production capacity, and more than 100 software and hardware.The company's products are widely used in coal mine, phosphate ore, iron ore and gold mine. The vehicle and its parts, systems and other projects have been awarded the national patent certificate. 

As the national security requirements of coal mine and the mine, mine is becoming more and more high to the requirement of transportation equipment, our company production of explosion-proof and wet braking transportation equipment conform to the requirements of the national mine safety, is a product of choice for many large group.The company is based at home and goes to the world. Following the country's economic development strategy, on the supply side gradually thorough reform and the new energy industry, stable domestic mining market, continue to develop new energy products to improve product awareness and sales. Actively layout central Asia, southeast Asia foreign market. And in Russia, myanmar, the Philippines and other countries have established business relations.


shandong honglu heavy industry co., LTD.Located in mining engineering r&d and manufacture of machinery and parts, adhering to the "responsibility, innovation, reliable" concept of development, adhere to the "to do fine and stronger, do long" the development of the policy, is committed to become the domestic first-class, internationally renowned engineering machinery enterprises.

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